DUEAL ANDREWS is an African-American actor, singer, writer, model, director, producer, human rights advocate and native of South Los Angeles, California. The youngest of four and the only son of a truck driver Dueal Andrews, Sr and a data processing operator, Brenda Andrews. He attended Lawndale High School where aside from being an exceptional student academically, Dueal was also involved in various extra-curricular programs including theatre in which he starred in multiple stage productions.

After graduating high school, he went on to attend California State University, Dominguez Hills where he furthered his studies as theatre arts major and received his BFA in Theatre Arts with a minor in Acting.

Soon after, Dueal started training with his former college professor and acting coach, Dinora Walcott of Acting Honestly where he studied and began to hone his skills as an actor in scene study, character development and improvisation.

In 2014, he decided to take on a more active and administrative role behind the scenes as not only a screenwriter but also as a producer, establishing his own independent production company as CEO of DIVO Productions. (Read More)

Two years later, he wrote and produced his very first independent short film, Former Flames along with co-star and fellow producer, Amber Nicolle Gilbert. In this film, he also played the leading man role of Jake, a hopeless romantic looking to reunite with his former high school sweetheart.

Since 2011, Dueal has gained a great deal of media following and exposure being featured as a recurring and guest star roles in several stage, television and independent film projects including: Shameless (HBO), Cheetah in August: Season 2 (Amazon Prime), Wade’s World: The Series (2KLiveTV), Eye Scream, Forked Up and  Black And Sexy TV's popular original series, The Number: Reboot.

Photographer:  C  ory Verschueren

Photographer: Cory Verschueren

In the fall of 2016, he landed his first supporting role as Tyrone, a misguided and street-savvy male escort, in the critically-acclaimed independent short film, Immigrant Brothers directed by New York Film Academy alum, Nicholas Joseph Cunha.

In his leisure, Dueal enjoys singing, dancing, reading, hiking, cooking, traveling, staying fit and being active member with his community.